Here’s what we’re not.

We’re not a Social Listening platform. We won’t confuse Popularity with Influence or report back on a vague idea of Sentiments. We don’t look in the rear view mirror to tell you what someone will do based on what they once did.

No. We’re something you’ve heard about, but thought you might never see.
Kind of like a unicorn, but real. And isn’t it about time?

Here’s what we are.

We are mBlast. And we manage the digital analysis that delivers a ranked and vetted customer directly to you, at the moment of their decision-making. Our universe is 90 million strong. Our ability to fine-sift the data of Social-sharing and mix it with the ranked and vetted criteria, arrived at from both traditional and non-traditional sources, including matching it to your own CRM, has given us the ability to hand-over the goods like no one else has ever been able to do.

Not a pie in the sky report. Not another platform, but actual leads, customers, end-users, your audience, your market, your targets – a clear look and a clear path to them. These living, breathing, viable customers are conveyed to you in forms that integrate with your existing platforms and systems.

No ramp-up, no training, no new user interface. No unicorns.