Social media analytics for sales, marketing and customer service

Discover, analyze and engage with the people that matter most to your business

mPACT social media analytics are designed to help your company make sense of all the unstructured data spread across the social web so you can increase revenues, reduce costs and improve service.  The days of passive listening and monitoring – social for social’s sake – are over.  It’s time to deliver real value to the business.

mPACT uses patented semantic, sentiment and natural language processing algorithms to help our clients:

  • Discover the customers they never knew they had
  • Make the sale before their competitors even know the prospect is looking
  • Learn what customers say about them – after they hang up the phone
  • Engage the people with impact, not popularity.

The mPACT difference

mPACT social media analytics offer four distinct advantages as you seek to turn social data into actionable intelligence that is directly connected to improved business performance:

  • Comprehensive social profiles – mPACT social profiles provide insights into all of an individual’s public content across the web, filtered by topic and ranked by their potential impact on a business.  This enables you to focus on the whole person – rather than any individual interaction – and better determine how they are having an impact on your business.  We are aware of no other vendor offering comparable functionality.
  • Patented algorithms – mPACT filters content and ranks individuals by five distinct dimensions to measure their impact on a specific organization or brand or product: sentiment, topic, authority, reach and resonance.  Many of our competitors rely on simple popularity scores sourced from Klout (which is likely to go away, btw) to provide a generic (and useless) “influence” ranking that is disconnected from any topical relevance.
  • Vendor-agnostic API – Every data element of the mPACT solution is available through an API call, making it easy for enterprises and ISVs to add our rich data about their customers, prospects and influencers to their existing applications – so they can increase revenue through more personalized offers, decrease the costs of new customer acquisition, or improve customer service. Very few of our competitors offer APIs, and none can deliver a data set as comprehensive as mBLAST.
  • Social and non-social data sources – We scan the entire web, processing more than 5 billion articles, blogs, and social media posts every month, and can easily incorporate your company’s private data feeds into our analysis.  More and better data are what make better business decisions possible.  Many competitors gather data from obvious social sources such as Facebook and Twitter only.