Social Media Analytics that Help you Focus on the People with Impact

mPACT delivers actionable insights, right now

mPACT is a next-generation, web presence analytics solution that uses advanced semantic, sentiment and natural language processing algorithms to help you discover, analyze and engage with the people that matter most to your business - in near real time.

Think of mPACT as “Google Page Rank for people.” Our patented mPACT dISTIL™ algorithms filter through more than 5 billion articles, blogs, and social media content each month to create a stack-ranked list of the people speaking across the entire web about your company, your products - or any other topic that’s important to you. But even after you’ve found the right people - you still need to rank them by their importance relative to your organization’s goals:

  • Marketing needs to know which people have the most potential to amplify their messages.
  • Customer service needs to know which people complaining online are most likely to create a meme that goes viral.
  • Human resources needs to know which job candidates are the best cultural fit.

mPACT measures each person’s potential impact through a weighted calculation of five key factors: sentiment, topic, authority, reach and resonance.

mPACT social profile

The raw power of mPACT analytics also allows you to gain a strategic perspective on your market. That’s why we’re the sole data supplier for a Big 4 consulting firm’s social analytics practice. Their business consultants are using mPACT to analyze relevant social content - on business performance, competitors, customer sentiment, trends and public policy - and deliver actionable insights to some of the world’s largest companies.

To generate real business value from social media, you need more than an undifferentiated stream of Tweets and Facebook comments. You need sophisticated analytics to help you focus on the people with impact. You need mPACT web presence analytics.