Social Analytics for Any Application or Service

mPACT Connect delivers actionable web presence analytics into your product

mPACT Connect is an OEM solution that harnesses the power and speed of the mPACT dISTIL™ web presence analytics engine to deliver customized results for your specific application or service. mPACT Connect uses advanced semantic, sentiment and natural language processing algorithms to help your clients discover, analyze and engage with the people that matter most to their business. Every element of the mPACT results set - on sentiment, topic, authority, reach and resonance - is available through an API or in a complete user interface ready for your branding.

Our OEM partners are using mPACT Connect to deliver the industry’s most powerful web presence analytics in a wide range of applications and services, including:

  • Customer service and call center software - providing both on-the-fly social monitoring and detailed social profiles for customers and prospects
  • Human resources and recruiting software - providing social background checks, subject matter expert verification and social profiles and scoring for job candidates
  • Strategic business consulting - analyzing relevant conversations across the web to deliver unique and actionable insights to some of the world’s largest companies

mPACT Connect delivers targeted results in near real time based upon highly configurable and customizable queries that ensure you get the precise results you need with none of the noise. mPACT Connect can measure each person’s potential impact through a weighted calculation of five key factors:

  • Sentiment ranks the emotional tone of all content, so you know who’s happy and who’s not.
  • Topic filters people by how often they discuss a specific topic, so you can focus on the individuals involved in conversations about your industry, company or products.
  • Authority ranks people by the channels through which they communicate and how often others retweet, like or comment on their content.
  • Reach ranks the size of a person’s audience.
  • Resonance ranks the people responsible for disseminating content and determines when conversations are going viral, so you can respond quickly.

To find out more about integrating mPACT Connect with your business, visit our partner page.