About Mblast

A Personal Ad Experience for Everyone on the Internet

Our vision is coming to life at the hands of our skilled team of Ad Technologists.We’ve got operations experts, data experts, and software experts working round the clock to make it happen.The Internet and Digital Advertising have brought us many advantages, but personal attention has lagged behind.Our tech fixes that in a way that’s beneficial to Advertisers and Individuals.

Our Team of Ad Tech Experts

Mark Hatch
Chief Executive Officer

Alexey Sadovy
Chief Technical Officer

Edward Ferris
Chief Infrastructure Officer

Iurii Gumen
V.P. Product Development

Alla Galinskaya
Chief Data Scientist

Timothy Mettelman
Regional Vice President-East

Laura L. Evins
Regional Vice President-West

Mike Canizales
Executive Vice President

Danny Briere

About Our Website

Throughout this site, you’ll find historic pictures of letter carriers, messengers, and postal workers. These images remind us of a time when consumers interacted with brands in a 1:1 way. The letter carrier came to your door, the Milkman was a regular visitor, and everyone knew your name at the barber shop. We want to call advertisers back to a time when brand experience was personal: from one human to another. When we set out to create a personal ad experience for everyone on the Internet, we were thinking about turn-of-the-century bike messengers and the pony express.

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An investment management firm focused on long term thematic global macro investing.


Investment Philosophy

Balestra Capital believes that fundamental economic, political and social factors are the ultimate determinants of global asset prices and investment returns. Nevertheless, securities markets are consistently subject to boom to bust cycles that operate for extended time periods with little regard for these fundamental factors. Balestra Capital believes that investment capital should be allocated across the broad asset classes in light of these macro factors in a risk limited manner in order to generate investment returns and preserve capital. Balestra Capital believes that these factors can be objectively analyzed and that large and consistent mispricings can be identified. Balestra Capital constructs portfolios that consistently reflect these mispricings in a risk controlled and hedged fashion.