Travel & Hospitality Website
About This Project

Campaign Objective: Capture Market share for Travel & Hospitality website


Outreach Platform: Twitter


Summary: If you’re not the largest player in your market, it can be difficult to find opportunities for growth – especially if you’re brand doesn’t have the kind of awareness that your competition has.


One of the most valuable ways to gain market share is by taking potential customers away from the competition – as opposed to finding new markets altogether. The downside is, taking potential customers can be extremely difficult. When successful, campaigns of this type are able to get to the consumers before the competition.


This is exactly what Mblast was able to do for their client. By identifying potential travel customers from the public content they create online, we helped our client reach individuals before their purchase decisions were made.


Success: During the life of the campaign, Mblast grew directly attributable business by 120% of the cost to run the campaign.


Downloads +175%


Campaign Objective: Identify Individuals within Target Demographics for App Downloads