About This Project

Campaign Objective: Increase Traffic from Social Media to eCommerce Website


Outreach Platform: Twitter


Summary: For eCommerce sites, it’s important to know the value of each lead that visits your eStore.


Value per lead (VPL) is a ratio of the average value per customer (VPC) to the average conversion rate for web visitors. There are unique VPL numbers for each traffic source, but in general, the closer your VPL ratio to VPC approaches 1:1 – the greater the probability that each new web visitor will become a paying customer.


When paying for advertising on external sites, like social sites, it’s important to maintain a cost per action (CPA) lower than your VPL. This ensures that you’re not paying more to get people to your site than their worth as potential customers. In this case, the action is clicking-through to the eCommerce site. Social is especially difficult to convert from because there are so many reasons to stay. Typically, that means CPAs run high. In this campaign, Mblast was asked to use declared data ad targeting to reduce CPA as much as possible.


Success: Mblast was able to reduce the CPA from Twitter to 80% of the lowest CPA of all traffic sources.