What is your process–how do you do it?

Mblast’s process begins with our data providers. We leverage multiple social data aggregators (including access to the full Twitter firehose), API access to social networks and our own web crawlers to provide a broad-spectrum view into the public social web (as well as across the blogosphere, forums and publications). This expansive data access provides the baseline data against which Mblast queries can be built.


When a customer engagement begins, we work with our clients to fully understand the target profiles of the customers our client wishes to engage via targeted advertising. We then build complex queries of our data providers using the actual terminology a good potential customer would use when carrying on a conversation about purchasing the good or service offered by our client.  Our query engine matches these queries against our data sources and finds matches.


We then perform textual analysis of these public posts, extracting content and themes, scoring propensity using our proprietary algorithms. Additionally, we create biographical profiles and enrich them with additional social, geo and other data using our own algorithms, a dedicated data processing team and, optionally, third party enrichment services

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