What social platforms can you work with?

Mblast works with all the major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (via partner), Instagram, Pinterest and others — although conversational targeting is more effective with the more text you have to work with. Additionally, because we always respect privacy settings, restricted content is not included in our Mblast queries. However, we do integrate “public” posts and include them in our audience building process.


Mblast also has the ability to target audiences across networks. Our systems analyze an individual’s entire social presence and makes correlations between user names and other information. For example, we may identify purchase intent based upon what a user publicly tweets, but then help our client serve an ad to that person via Facebook.


Mblast is also testing new image-based intent functionality with select partners, adding to our extension across social platforms, particularly image-intense sites like Instagram and Pinterest.

Category: Mblast and Audience Targeting