What steps does Mblast perform during an engagement?

All Mblast campaigns are based upon natural language queries of our extensive, multi-network social database. As part of our implementation process, our team works with clients to optimize these queries, develop segmentation and deliver custom audiences.



Mblast maintains and constantly updates an exclusive internal database of social profiles that serves as the foundation for all campaigns. We collect and refine data with a patent-pending process that leverages social data aggregators, access to social network APIs such as Twitter, and our own web crawlers that pick up information on blogs, forums and publications. Doing this provides a broad-spectrum view into the public social web and generates the baseline data against which Mblast queries are built.


To create custom audiences specific to new campaigns, we use our database and build on information from there. Using the process described above, we extract new relevant data and social profiles from across the web. We then bring all the information together in a cohesive format of the client’s choosing, ready for campaign use.


Mblast takes the following steps to ensure campaign success:

        1. Work closely with our client to fully understand the customers needs and profiles of the target audience they wish to engage.
        2. Define the campaign’s key words and phrases, and identify the specific terminology a potential customer would use when expressing interest or intent for the client’s product or service.
        3. Build complex queries, focused on this specific language to identify highly-relevant potential customers. We use natural language processing to extract keywords, phrases and themes from the content in our database and then discover matching content that indicates purchase intent when we query that database.
        4. Perform textual analysis of public social posts, extracting content and themes, and scoring purchase propensity using custom algorithms.
        5. We create biographical profiles and enrich them with social and geo data using custom algorithms, a dedicated data processing team and, optionally, third party services to deliver additional geo or demographic information.
        6. Deliver highly-relevant and customized target audiences for use in digital and social marketing.


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