Four Steps to Personalized Ads & Better Campaigns

1. All the Web Content Users Create

If it’s published, we capture it.

MicroBlog Data

Social Media and character limited sites

Comment Data

3rd party comment platforms

Blog Data

Long form content from individually run sites

Article Data

Long form content from publisher sites


News Data

Content from news sources

Profile Data

Content found in web profiles

Geo Data

Location data found in profiles and content

Demographic Data

Age / Gender reported in profiles

2. Building Profiles: Authors and Named Persons

Knowing the people you’re sending ads to is the most important part of Personalization


Un-named Authors

We are able to identify Authors by one or more social handles, some profile information, and some demographic information. For platform specific campaigns, this level of information is enough to positively target an Author for advertising.

See Profiles from Our Case Studies


Named Persons

We are able to identify Individuals by first name, last name and one unique identifier (such as: email or street address). This allows us to match web users with enterprise data, off-line demographic data, and even credit information.

3. Co-launching Your Campaign

Teamwork makes the dream work.

mblast campaign management

Campaign Management

Running a personalized ad campaign takes a bit more finesse on the part of the campaign manager. There’s more A/B testing, more spend adjustments, and of course, a regular stream of new Individuals to add to the audience. Our campaign managers are skilled in Ad Personalization and the inner workings of the digital ad platforms we use for outreach. Having an Mblast Campaign Manager assigned to your campaign will help you get more of the results you’re looking for – right from the beginning.

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Campaign Strategy

If you’ve got a team or an agency in place, there’s no need to re-invent the wheel. As fully capable campaign strategists, we’ll work with your existing team to ensure that Mblast audiences are used in the optimal way. We’ll help define campaign goals and have our data team curate an audience specific to those goals. We can provide training with hidden features of various social ad platforms, guidance on campaign optimization, and act as a resource for whatever your team needs.

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mblast campaign consulting

4. Seamless Integration

We connect to over 130 leading platforms.


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