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Starting from your CRM, New Customers can come from EVERYWHERE


Your CRM is one of your most valuable marketing resources, but you’re probably only reaching out to those individuals at pre-planned intervals or in response to an action they take. There’s the newsletter, the seasonal pitch, and all the emails that get sent for downloads, sign-ups, purchases, abandoned carts, wish-lists, profile changes – it’s all so robotic.

It’s why personalized outreach ALWAYS work better.

Uncover Net-New Opportunities


It’s easy to think that new customers will walk, talk, and act (online) like existing customers. We’ve found that the greatest opportunities for growth lie in discovering new types of buyers, in places you’d never think to look. Declarative targeting creates audiences based on a common product/service need, not on a common demographic trait.

It’s why personalized ads ALWAYS work better.


The Ad Targeting Industry

Why Declarative Targeting is changing the game for good.


Targeting with Behavioral Data

Behavioral data is behind 99% of capabilities available to digital marketers. The most common interaction with behaviorally targeted content can be found on the homepage of your favorite social site. The more you click on a particular type of post, the more you see posts like that in your feed. The more you like (or favorite) another person’s content, the more their content shows up in your feed.

Search engines are the hubs for Behavioral Data for the entire the Internet. When you search for words and phrases, you are instantly shown ads featuring those words and phrases. Every ad you click on, every page you navigate to, every product you customize, every item you put in your virtual cart – every movement of your cursor – is recorded. ALL that behavioral data is the ever growing source of behavioral targeting. Teams of PhDs and Data Scientists sort through it all to predict what you’re going to buy next.


The ads you see are targeted based on what you click on.

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Targeting with Declared Data

Declared data is what you get when you ask someone what they want, need, or experience – instead of trying to infer all that from what they’re doing. Once upon a time, marketers used focus groups to approximate declared data for larger demographics. On the Internet, we rarely experience ad targeting with declared data, so the best examples are from the offline world.

    • In a store, you ask for something particular, and the clerk helps you.

    • On the trading floor, you raise your hand for a buy, and someone sells.

    • You express your desire and you get what you want.

With declarative targeting brands are able to make offers to people with a verified need. This is the kind of personalization that boosts the effectiveness of digital advertising.

The ads you see are targeted based on the content you create.

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